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Layer Cake & Mini Roll Production Line

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Layer Cake & Mini Roll Production Line
This System could continuously supply the pre-mixed ingredient to the aerator. After aeration, It will achieve the deired batter weight, density & structure and tranfer through depositor to oven belt.
When the cake finshed baking and cooling, It will transfer to Make up Section. i.e. Cutting, Cream/Jam/Marshmallow Filling & decorating. Different make up line could produce different size and type of cake. The line giving a lot of advantage and superior performance. Besides, Automatic production could save a lot of manpower and fully meet the sanitation & QS certification requirements.
The System can also apply for producing all kinds of bakery products, such as cup cake, Muffin, cookies, egg drops, mousse, whipped cream , biscuit/wafer cream etc. Capacity will be designed according customer needs; Depending on the recipe & specific gravity provided.
Aeros Layer Cake & Mini Roll Production Line Production Process
All ingredients will be pre-weighed and set ready for handling at each batter premix batch. After starting the pre-mixer the ingredients will be manually fed into the pre-mixer at a rate and sequence as required for the specific recipe.
Directly underneath the buffer tank the main pump is placed which will pump the cake batter at the required capacity through the mixing head.
The air, synchronized with the main pump, is injected into the mixing head at a rate as set from the control panel. In the mixing head the pins of both the rotor and the stator see to it that the air is homogeneously mixed with the cake batter down to the required density and structure. From the mixing head the aerated cake batter is discharged towards the manifold on the oven belt
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