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Chocolate Aeration System

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Chocolate aeration system
We specially designed a continuous chocolate aeration system, which needs to be equipped with SSHE to maintain the temperature of the chocolate entering the mixing head of the aerator. This is the key point that determines whether the aerated chocolate can be successfully produced.
Compared with vacuum treatment, Aeros continuous aeration system can provide greater flexibility for chocolate production. The rotor-stator principle injects compressed air or carbon dioxide into chocolate at a specific pressure to mix ingredients and gas well.
In the production of chocolate, this process allows the ingredients to be formed by extrusion or casting, and then depositing as strips or individually aerated products deposit in the non-aerated chocolate paste to complete the final process.In fact, aerated chocolate can change the structure of the finished product. The volume structure of the finished product is no different from normal density chocolate, which reduces the use of raw materials and reduces the cost of production.
Chocolate Aeration System Process Description
Prepared the melting & tempering chocolate, and delivered to Aeros jacketed buffer tank at a temperature in keeping warm. Directly underneath the buffer tank the main pump is placed which will pump the chocolate at the required capacity through the Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger to cool down the temperature before going through the aerator. The aerated chocolate will supply to the manifold depositor.
The air, synchronised with the main pump, is injected into the mixing head at a rate as set from the control panel. In the mixing head the pins of both the rotor and the stator see to it that the air is homogeneously mixed with the chocolate down to the required density and structure. From the mixing head the aerated chocolate is deposited on user's mould line.
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