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Chiffon Cake Aeration System

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AEROS Chiffon Cake Aeration System 
The difference between Chiffon Cake Aeration System and Cake Aeration System was separating the Egg White and Egg Yolk. So this aeration system designed according to the recipe of Chiffon Cake with Egg white Tanks and Egg Yolk Tanks.
In Normal Chiffon Cake Aeration System, It will only aerate the Egg White part and mixing with the Non-aerated Egg Yolk part. AEROS specially designed "Twin Mixing head Chiffon Cake Aeration System", It will aerated both egg white and egg yolk part. So the Chiffon cake will be more soft and light. Also fulfilled lot of production needs and procedure of customer.
Except the Chiffon Cake, This system could also apply for producing all kinds of bakery products, such as layer cake,  mini roll, cup cake, Muffin, cookies, egg drops, mousse, whipped cream, biscuit/wafer cream etc. Capacity will be designed according customer needs; Also depending on the recipe & specific gravity provided. 
We have specially designed aeration system for bakery factory including Egg White and Egg Yolk premixing tank, Egg White and Egg Yolk buffer tank, continuous aerating system& manifold depositing system. The machine can be installed independently for easy relocating working place.  Machine guarantees special economy, durability, high performance, high quality, easy cleaning, save labour & place at reasonable prices. 
Aeros Aeration System Process Description 
For the continuous manufacture of Chiffon Cake - two step method,
"STEP ONE- “MERINGUE” (fresh egg white)  
Recipe prepared by the client and delivered to the Aeros aeration system for foaming.
STEP TWO- “YOLK” (wet batter)
Recipe prepared by the client and delivered to the Aeros aeration system or injection point of the foamed
 systems mixing with Meringue (Egg White Part) by ratio.
egg white delivery pipework using a mono type pump.
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